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Preface to Japanese edition of Secret Power

I am writing this preface as the United States begins its invasion of Iraq in March 2003. It is a disturbing time to be thinking about the role of intelligence operations in world politics and what it means for those of us who live in countries within the US intelligence alliance.   During a war, [...]

Speaking to the European Parliament about the Echelon system

ECHELON Committee, European Parliament 23 & 24 April 2001 Chairman: Mr Hager, you have the floor. Nicky Hager Good morning. I am very pleased to be with your committee, and I think I should have to appear here as one of the people who produced the information about Echelon. I think it’s very important that [...]

Researching Echelon

Many people have asked how I uncovered information about Echelon. They are experiences I think are worth sharing….

Exposing the Global Surveillance System

This article publicised Nicky Hager’s book Secret Power and particularly its revelations about the Echelon surveillance system to an international audience. The article was picked by a European Parliament researcher and prompted a year-long European Parliament investigation into the Echelon system (2000-2001). It received a US journalism award.

Secret Power, New Zealand’s role in the international spy network

Secret Power – Nicky Hager – cover“The most detailed and up-to-date account of the work of any signals intelligence agency in existence… a masterpiece of investigative reporting.” The book contains the first detailed account of the world-wide electronic surveillance system called Echelon, which is used to spy on international communications including e-mails and phone calls. These revelations have been repeated in hundreds of articles, documentaries and movies, and prompted for a year-long European parliament inquiry. The book gives an inside look at New Zealand’s largest intelligence agency and its part in a US-British-Canadian-Australia-New Zealand intelligence alliance, information that helps us understand the workings of all five allied agencies.