Spies target animal rights campaigners

An Auckland private investigation firm has been caught out after it attached a sophisticated tracking device to a political campaigner’s car – but left the device visible from outside the vehicle. It is the third time in three years the Sunday Star-Times has caught Thompson & Clark Investigations doing covert surveillance on political groups for corporate clients.

$1m worth of sarcasm

Government agencies are paying thousands of dollars for inside information from private investigators Thompson and Clark. But as Nicky Hager writes, they could get some of it on Google. …

Spies have fingers in many govt pies

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry quietly severed its contract with controversial private investigators Thompson and Clark Investigations last year, after the Sunday Star-Times revealed that TCIL’s “corporate intelligence” included infiltrating and spying on community groups….

Coal mine spies return despite govt ban

PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS working for the state-owned coal company Solid Energy have defied a direct government instruction and again tried to infiltrate an environment group that opposes Solid Energy’s coal mining plans….

Still digging

Twelve months ago the government told state coal company Solid Energy that using paid informants to infiltrate environment groups was ‘not acceptable’ and that it had to stop. Solid Energy is adamant it has complied. The private investigators however appear to have defied the order….

I was paid to betray protesters

Student confesses he infiltrated group opposed to Solid Energy mining.
AN AUCKLAND private investigation firm is paying agents to infiltrate
and spy on environmental, peace and anti-vivisection groups….