Sunlight did what sunlight does: Nicky Hager on Dirty Politics, three years on

Dirty Politics landed like a bombshell in the NZ election campaign of 2014. It may not have affected that outcome, but that was never the ambition. It has, however, made a big impact on our politics, argues Nicky Hager in The Spinoff

NZ Herald: US warship visit to New Zealand

Visit would show America, not NZ, has changed stance, writes Nicky Hager

Bruce Jesson Lecture, Maidment Theatre, Auckland

The second part of the lecture will be about investigative journalism. But before that, I want to use the opportunity of this lecture to talk much more widely, sharing some thoughts about the state of politics in New Zealand today.

2011 Election analysis: I’ve just been internalising a really complicated situation in my head

The news declared that the National Party had had a ‘historic’ election victory on Saturday but, if that was true, National Party people would be looking happier. The reality is much more complicated.

Visiting Wikileaks in December 2010

I HAVE had many careful meetings with sources during the last 20 years, but never anything as cautious and mysterious as this. I was heading overseas to meet the WikiLeaks team in the midst of heavy threats from the United States government and more imminent threats of police action.

Statement at PEN/Society of Authors event on freedom of speech in Iran, Bats Theatre, Wellington

I am grateful to PEN and the Society of Authors for inviting me to be part of protesting the suppression of freedom of speech in Iran. We are joining people around the world who are saddened and appalled by the news of repression in that country…. In doing this, and doing it wholeheartedly, I do not want to be a hypocrit or to be naive…

Dying for an invitation to Washington

John Key and his colleagues are going to send the Special Air Service to Afghanistan. The current talk about whether National should do so is, unfortunately, academic. The decision is already made.

There’s actually only one John Key, just not the one on show

National’s campaign is hiding a front bench full of 1990s-style free marketers behind John Key’s well-scripted one-liners….

Hooton’s hollow complaints, comment, Pundit website

Nicky Hager was invited by the Pundit website to reply to a column by Matthew Hooton.

Finance bill strengthens democracy

The Herald launched a campaign against the Electoral Finance Bill last week, saying it is repressive, curtails democracy and breaches human rights. Despite changes to the bill this week, the criticisms have continued. But they seem strangely one-eyed….

How to decide who is a terrorist

The Solicitor-General will shortly make a decision whether to approve terrorism charges against the Maori, peace and environmental activists arrested last month. Nicky Hager describes how the decision will be made and the factors the Solicitor-General needs to take into account….

Election funding: What’s National up to?

The great weakness of much journalism is a process-worker approach to assembling quotation-based stories….

Donor cash stays in shadows

MPs have stepped back from proposals that would have lifted secrecy
surrounding party donations….

Beyond the spin-doctoring, democracy is at work

I would like to propose a New Year’s resolution for news organisations: sorting out the difference between genuine media commentators and giving regular media space to political party spin doctors….

Reply to Michael Bassett and Richard Long

Michael Bassett and Richard Long used their recent columns to criticise me and my book The Hollow Men but they barely mentioned, much less debated, the contents of the book. Nor did they acknowledge that they both feature prominently…..

In defence it’s not size that matters

The latest ‘debate’ about defence consists of the usual moans about the military being dangerously underfunded and ill-equipped…. but this says more about the feeble standard of debate than any reality concerning our military forces….

We’ve put pragmatism before our principles

New Zealanders are being softened up to accept this country taking part in perhaps the most outrageous United States-led war since Vietnam….

Labour: the new House of Lords

Now that three years of Labour Government have passed, it is becoming clear what we can expect during the next three or six years of this government….

Denials and diversions, but deeds remain

Frantic Government damage control followed the release last week of my book Seeds of Distrust. We were told the book was completely untrue and that I was a conspiracy theorist taking part in a Green Party dirty trick.

World needs to step aside from retaliation, violence

As the pressure comes on New Zealand to support war in Asia, let’s not fool ourselves that we would be fighting on the side of right….

Huge savings if defence is revamped

The cost of military equipment is always hard to comprehend. How can a small frigate cost more than half a billion dollars, Army radios cost tens of thousands each and a few Skyhawk jets cost more than $200 million a year?

Time for Change

This is a very positive time to be serving in the New Zealand Defence Force. The peacekeeping mission to East Timor is arguably Defence‚Äôs most important and popular role in the last 50 years….