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Activist considers court action against police informer

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

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PROTESTER SIMON OOSTERMAN might bring charges against police informer Rob Gilchrist for harming his case at a trial over the police use of pepper spray.

The Sunday Star-Times last week revealed Gilchrist was a police informer who had spied for nearly a decade on protest organisations such as Greenpeace and animal welfare groups.

Oosterman said Gilchrist had agreed to appear as a witness for him in a case in July this year, but had turned up at court wearing a …

Police anti-terror squad spies on protest groups

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

… lives and sexual relationships of group members.

The police informer, Christchurch man Rob Gilchrist, whose activities are revealed in today’s Sunday Star-Times, was a key member of various community groups during the past decade.

He helped arrange protests and was close friends with leading campaigners, and advocated radical and illegal activities by the groups.

Last week he said he was embarrassed and sorry for what he did. The people he spied on were not security threats. “I …

Crossing the line: the activist who turned police informer

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

… from a speedboat on to a Greenpeace dinghy. Six people were arrested.

Greenpeace protester Rob Gilchrist filmed the whole drama from his Land Rover on shore.

Gilchrist was not just working for Greenpeace, though. He was also working for the police. He had told police beforehand about the planned protest. He had been both spy and demonstrator at many protests by Greenpeace and other activist groups for nearly 10 years.

During the past decade the police spent tens, possibly hundreds, of …

Coal mine spies return despite govt ban

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

… over the last two months, private investigator Gavin Clark offered to pay a Christchurch man, Rob Gilchrist, to report on the Save Happy Valley group’s activities and to provide passwords for access to the group’s communications.

A year ago the Sunday Star-Times revealed that Clark’s firm, Thompson and Clark Investigations (TCIL), had hired a Christchurch student, Ryan Paterson- Rouse, to join the Save Happy Valley core group and regularly pass the group’s internal communications …

Still digging

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

… however appear to have defied the order. Nicky Hager reports.

WHEN CHRISTCHURCH man Rob Gilchrist walked out of his local M+M Minimarket one Tuesday afternoon in February, Auckland private investigator Gavin Clark was standing waiting for him. Clark said it was “just a coincidence” he was passing and invited Gilchrist, who runs a small electronics company, to meet for coffee. Two hours later, on a park bench in Christchurch’s Hagley Park, Clark asked Gilchrist to work …